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March 7, 2014 News

Rally in the Gorge 2014

Registration is open!

The Sound RIDER! Rally in the Gorge takes up new digs in 2014 at the Hood River County Fairgrounds on the north face of Mount Hood.

We also celebrate a new date that will allow more riders to join us. This years rally begins Friday August 29th and runs through Monday September 1st.

Of course we know some of you will want to arrive early, so we'll be opening the fairground at 3 p.m. on Thursday to make way for you early birds.

Oh - and did we mention, we had some costs savings this year? Yes - so we're dropping the basic price down to just $70 per person. Camping is just a $30 add-on and we again have RV parking available as well.

The 12th annual Rally in the Gorge. Make you plans now, register online and we'll look forward to having you join us this year.

For more informatin and to register visit:

Joey goes Black and Red

Travelchair's new Joey chair has been a popular item with riders all fall and winter. And if you haven't gotten yours yet, you now have two new color options. Check out the Black/black or Red/black selections. The later includes red anodized legs as well.

The Joey chair clocks in at just 2 pounds and folds up smartly into it's own mesh bag for easy starage and transport on your motorcycle.

The quality is there, the price is right and the time is now to add or update your current touring comfort.

Just $69.50 - Click here to order yours now.

Variable Swivel ArmNEW - RAM Adjustable Swivel Mount

The ultimate in RAM Mount adjustability is here now!  The innovative RAP200 not only allows the ends of the RAM double socket arm to rotate independently (as with the RAM B212 double swivel arm) but this component bends in the middle as well. This is especially useful when mounting in the tight quarters of a sport or sport-touring cockpit and in other applications too. 

The RAP-200 consists of double 1" diameter open ball sockets with a 360° rotation point at the center and a connecting swivel joint that rotates forward and back 180°. The rubber ball and socket at either end, and a central pivot point provides unsurpassed adjustability. The RAM ball sockets maximize ball coverage for optimal fit.

Just $24. Click here to order yours now


Ventz - FREE US SHIPPING - As seen in MCNAt Sound RIDER! we've always been advocates of "All the Gear - All the Time." But heat can be an issue. That's why we sell so many evaporative cooling vests every summer. Whether you wear a cooling vest or not, it takes air circulating inside your jacket to move the heat on your body along and out. Ventz do just that by slipping into the top end of your jacket sleeve and allowing air in for a cooler ride no matter what. Passenger riders are often blocked by any possible air, so a set of Ventz for them is a welcome addition as well.

COOLER - Forces cooling air around the upper part of the body.

SMARTER - Expels hot, trapped air, keeping you more comfortable and focused on your riding.

SAFER - Maintains the protective integrity of your riding gear at all times.

TESTED - With an interior temperature of 100+ degrees (your body temp plus heat buildup on a warm day), Ventz can lower the air temp in your jacket up to 25%.

SAVE! - Save 10% when you buy two pair or more.

The perfect combination? A Techniche Evaporative Cooling vest and set of Ventz for every rider in your group.

Available in Black, White, Blue, Red and Yellow. Once size fits all. As seen in the February 2014 issue of Motorcycle Consumer News. Orders placed this week will ship in mid-March.

Just $28.50 a set. CLICK HERE to order yours now.

Cafe to Cafe Grand Tour 2014Cafe to Cafe Grand Tour

Registration is open now for the 2014 Cafe to Cafe Grand Tour. We've once again put together a list of 15 outstanding restaurants scattered across the Northwest. All you do is get on your bike and ride to each one. Those completing all 15 locations get a personalized placard and bragging rights.

Play all 15 and work on bonus points along the way as well.

The Cafe to Cafe Grand Tour. Ride to Eat, Eat to Ride!

Click here for more details and to register today

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Need to sell a used bike? Let's do it!

All sale prices and offers valid through March 20th, 2014  *FREE SHIPPING OFFERS apply to US orders only

T H E   W A Y   T O   R I D E   W I S E

The newest book from AMA Hall of Famer, David Hough.

The Good Rider- by David Hough

404 pages - ALL NEW!
The New Reality Check - $29.95
The essential guide to packing for a day ride or multi-day trip.

Packing Light, Packing Right-FREE SHIPPING

Touring smarts you need to know - just $19.95
Why take a bunch of chargers on your ride when you can take just one?

12V SAE to USB Adapter/Charger

12V SAE to USB Only $19.50

An SR! exclusive! Zip EZ's allow you to zip and unzip without taking off your gloves.

SR! Hi-Viz Zip E-Zs

Starting at only $9.00

The Vapor Basic Performance T. The perfect t-shirt for fall and winter riding.

Vapor Basic Performance Long Sleeve T - SAVE 15%
Retail Price: $20.00
Our Price:$17.00
You Save $3.00!
Nikwax. The way to clean and waterproof all your riding clothing and gear.

Nikwax Fabric Pak - SAVE 15%
Save 15% on our Textile or Leather combo kits.
The warmest cold weather socks we've ever come across.

Ceramic Winter Motorcycling SOKz (over the calf)

Ceramic Winter OKz
Just $25 a pair
Stay warm - even in a storm!
Winter & 3 Season Base Layers

MSL 3 Season Base Layers

Starting at $55

CruzTOOLS Speed Kits. Available for American, Euro and Japanese models.

JAS Speedkit by CruzTOOLS

Practical necessities
Just $32.95
Motion Pro T-60 Wrench/Tire Iron Combos. Well engineered multi-purpose tools.

T6 Tire Iron Wrench Combo by Motion Pro
Starting at $39.50
The best tire repair kit on the market - hands down. Order our SR! Tire Repair Kit today!
Sound RIDER! Ultimate Motorcycle Tech Tire Repair Kit

For tube and tubeless tires, just $30

Check out our large assortment of tire valve stems

TV25 84 Degree Tire Valve Stem - FREE SHIPPING!

Starting at just $10 apiece,
or $18 a pair

Store all kinds of things in these see-through mesh envelopes.

Starting at just $3.60
The ultimate utilitarian strap. Available in 16", 20" & 26" lengths.

Pronghorn Straps by Giant Loop
From Giant Loop.
Pairs start at just $15
OR Dry Ditty Sack combo.
Keepin' it all dry!

Outdoor Research Dry Ditty Sacks
Set of three - Just $26.50
Medical Information USB card St Store ALL your important data.

Medical Info USB Storage Credit Card
The credit card storage device that tells all.
Just 14.95

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